Mine erfaringer med @mastohost de seneste tre måneder, hvor jeg har forsøgt at køre min egen instans af Mastodon. Hvad er dine erfaringer?

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@aphandersen Really appreciate the feedback and glad you enjoy the service :)

About two things you bring up.

The backups can be used to restore the service but notice that backups can be 24 hours old.

It's recommended that you use the 'live data' backup when migrating (the server needs to go offline for that) so you don't lose any data and to include the remote media cache, remote media cache is optional but your migration will be easier if you have it.


@aphandersen About the media size being already at 20%, that can stay at 20% for a long time because there is an automatic old media cache removal.

In the vast majority of cases the database will be reach the plan limits first.

You can read about remote media cache here:

Any questions, or something I can help with feel free to reach out.

Again, thanks for posting about your experience.


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Jeg er tilhænger af at eje egne data, og derfor har jeg oprettet en Mastodon instans, som forhåbentlig skal erstatte min primære profil inden længe